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Diamond Lover Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program enables every possible partner to join and promote Diamond Lover, gain commissions from every sale through your affiliate link. Share your affiliate link and win reward, everyone could be a marketer on here. Apply today to join the program.

Enjoy a high-conversion rate
Earn up to 8%- 10% commission by promoting DiamondLover Products
Use 30-day cookies which exceed industry standards
How Do I Earn Commission?
Apply for the affiliate program
Share an affiliate link
Get customers to click your link and make a purchase
Wait for your order to be confirmed
Get your commission!

Common Questions and Answers

1.What is the DiamondLover Affiliate Program?
The Diamond Lover Affiliate Program invites review sites, online communities, bloggers, and other content website ownersto promote products and services on their sites and earn commission on the sales they refer to Diamond Lover. com.
2.How do I earn commission?

Step 1: Apply for the affiliate program and sign up as an affiliate or a publisher.

Step 2: Receive ourlinks, promote them, and watch your commission roll in.

3. Can a publisher promote any page on your site?
Our team provides links to relevant promotions, product list pages, brand pages, and product detail pages. Through the related affiliate networks and their tool suite, as well as other 3rd party affiliate tools, publishers cancreate custom links to any URL on DiamondLover.com they find relevant for their web content.
4. Can publishers post DiamondLover page copy on their site?
You can post any content distributed to affiliates through our product data feed. On a case-by-case basis you willbe allowed to use DiamondLover.com copy, images, etc. Please reach out to the acting program manager for more information.
5. How do I get started?
To start the application process, click on the links above to join the DiamondLover Affiliate Program.