Sexual Foreplay | 10 Games For Couples

    Sexual Foreplay | 10 Games For Couples

    Looking to rekindle the flame in your relationship? Discover the excitement of sexual foreplay and the games that can transform your intimate experiences. Sexual foreplay is not just an important part of a satisfactory relationship.


    Sexual foreplay is an important part of a satisfactory relationship. Women expect and need that important "pre" that men often do not need.

    Communication between the couple is essential because the woman always has to be "prepared" to have an optimal and pleasurable sexual encounter, while the man is given it more "automatically", sometimes due to ignorance on the subject and sometimes due to tradition. of going "straight to the point" and leaving out the possibility of increasing pleasure.

    But what do we mean when we talk about sexual preliminaries?

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    These are the foreplay and preparatory games necessary to achieve the fullness of the sexual act. They depend greatly on the education that has been received in sexual matters and are an indispensable part of good sex.

    In the case of women, we usually demand more preliminary sexual acts as a way to prepare their body and mind to achieve orgasm, which is sometimes non-existent or unsatisfactory. However, it is important that both members of the couple know these techniques very well so that the sexual relationship is complete for both parties.

    Although there is no time limit on how long erotic and sexual contact should last, no matter how minimal it may be, it is usually considered a foreplay that serves to prepare the ground for the sexual act itself.

    But, let's delve into the subject and talk a little about the importance of sexual preliminaries, foreplay and even the use of sex toys to make the couple's experience much more satisfactory and pleasurable.

    The Importance Of Sexual Preliminaries

    At the beginning of the relationship, foreplay practically happens on its own, almost without us realizing it. After all, you are in that moment in which a look, a caress or a kiss is enough to light the flame and go straight to bed, to the sofa, on a table, standing or in any other position is enough to begin sexual penetration.

    These are those first months in which there is not much need to know about sexual preliminaries because, without knowing it, they are practicing them. They are playing with each other, they are touching and caressing each other, anything excites them, it is difficult for them to finish watching a movie and even staying at home because they both know what is coming can be more fun than going out for a drink. .

    However, time passes, routine catches up with them and they begin to notice that something is missing. Or maybe nothing is missing because you already know how to light that flame we always talk about. You already know how long a long and passionate kiss should last, you already know that he likes tickling or a good back massage. Anyway, you already know your guy enough to know which are those places where you have to explore to find him to start having pleasurable sexual relations.

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    The Art of Slow and Sensual Foreplay

    We live in a hurry, we eat in a hurry, we shower and dress in a hurry, we even go in a hurry to go to work or go to the gym. Is it the same in sex? Yes, sometimes a quickie can be fun, but it doesn't always have to be that way. Hence the importance of preparing the ground long before to have a sexual encounter that lasts.

    It is important that foreplay begins outside of bed, even from a distance. Hence, text messages telling you everything you want to do to him or that he does to you are a very powerful tool. Touching yourself under the table, talking about things that have already been done previously or remembering an erotic movie are part of good sexual preliminaries.

    Let's not forget the long and passionate kisses either. They are one of the best tools to warm up and desire each other. Stroking the entire body, without leaving out any part, also usually works very well. Gentle bites and even gasping tend to warm more than one person. And if there is something that always works very well, it is the power of words. Whispering things in your ear sensually can be quite an aphrodisiac. Using your imagination is the key.

    10 Previous Games You Can Use

    If you let your creativity fly, we are sure that there are many games that you will come up with to have good sexual foreplay. Despite this, the imagination sometimes runs out. Sometimes we fall into a routine and we need something that makes us add spice and flavor to our life as a couple.

    Don't worry! We are here to help you and that is why we bring you 10 sexual games that you can use to warm up your partner.

    Truth Or Dare For Adults

    For the truth part, you can play confessing what is the most far-fetched sexual fantasy you have had or the strangest place where you have had sex. In the case of challenge, you can challenge yourself to practice a new sexual position or something that forces you out of your comfort zone.

    Dress Up

    Yes, just as they did as children, now they can choose costumes that are a little more sensual and daring so that they add a little spice to the moment and rather cause them to undress as quickly as possible.

    Slavery Games

    In sex toy stores you will find endless tools that will guide you in this type of experience if you are not very knowledgeable about the subject. What it does is that it can be an excellent sexual preliminary experience.

    Game Time

    Use a countdown timer for this game. Set aside two minutes and spend that time caressing each other. At the end of the time, exchange roles. The important thing is to play games that do not involve penetration in order to increase desire.

    The Blind Hen

    Another childhood game that comes in handy for sexual preliminaries. You just have to find a blindfold that you can use to cover your eyes so you can caress and kiss each other until you can't take it anymore and the next stage comes: penetration.

    Take Off Your Clothes

    Have you ever dreamed of ripping off your partner's clothes? You can do it! For this game we recommend you make a small purchase of inexpensive clothes and pretend that you can take them off by tearing them off and even tearing them.

    Pillow War

    The only thing you need for this game is a couple of pillows, being naked, a lot of tickling and a desire to laugh and have a good time.

    Sweet Path

    Choose your favorite sweet: honey, condensed milk, dulce de leche, hazelnut cream. You will also need a blindfold to cover his eyes so that he cannot see where on his body you have spread your favorite delicacy and which you will now proceed to remove with your mouth and tongue in the most sensual way possible.

    The Orgasm Race

    The truth is that there is no winner here as such, because, in the end, both win. The idea is that both are naked and can masturbate each other in preparation for penetration. The first one to finish will be the winner, so it's best to take the time to fully enjoy it.

    "Dirty" Phrases

    Although it is not a game as such, the use of risque phrases or "dirty" phrases increases the level of temperature in sexual preliminaries. Furthermore, if we mix it with any of the previous games or even with the use of sex toys, the experience can become unique.

    Use Of Sex Vibrator

    A study conducted by Indiana University in the United States found that 53% of the women surveyed and 45% of the men surveyed (both groups between 18 and 65 years old) have used a vibrator as a way to improve their life. sexual and be more proactive with the issue of health.

    The use of sex toys can be of great help not only as part of sexual preliminaries, but, in the case of women, it can help with menopausal symptoms such as vaginal atrophy; pain and tightness in the vulva; cancer treatments; lack of excitement and low libido, among others.

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    What is the importance of sexual preliminaries in a relationship?
    Sexual preliminaries are crucial for preparing both the body and mind for a satisfying sexual encounter, especially for women. They help in creating intimacy and enhancing the overall sexual experience.
    What are some games couples can play to enhance sexual foreplay?
    Couples can play various games like Truth or Dare for Adults, Dress Up, Slavery Games, The Blind Hen, Pillow War, and The Orgasm Race. These games help in increasing desire and intimacy without involving penetration.
    How does the SweetHeart vibrator contribute to the sexual foreplay experience?
    The SweetHeart vibrator, with its silky touch, curved head, and nine intense suction modes, adds excitement and pleasure to foreplay. Its waterproof design and magnetic suction charging make it a convenient and enjoyable addition to intimate moments.