When were Sex Toys First Created?

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    Explore the history of sex toys, tracing their development from ancient artifacts to today's advanced models. This article covers significant milestones and cultural shifts that shaped the evolution and acceptance of sex toys throughout the ages.

    Sex toys may seem like an indulgence of contemporary culture, but their roots can be traced back through history.

    From ancient civilizations to modern society, sex toys have undergone remarkable changes, reflecting shifts in society's attitudes toward sexuality.

    Let's delve into this fascinating history of sex toys to understand how they have gone from taboo to mainstream over time.

    Archaeologists have unearthed ancient phallic objects made of stone, wood and clay dating back thousands of years. one siltstone phallus found in Germany was estimated to be over 28,000 years old!

    Ancient Greece also saw women using bread-made dildos during Bacchic rituals as pleasure aids.

    Medieval and Renaissance Intrigue

    Due to religious and cultural constraints, sexual exploration waned dramatically in the Middle Ages; however, by the Renaissance, we witnessed a revival in interest in sexual pleasure among elite members - an example being Catherine de Medici's beloved "dildo glass."

    Such items were typically constructed from costly materials like ivory, silver, and gold to indicate their luxury status, which was not generally accessible by commoners.

    The Victorian Revolution

    The vibrator first made its debut during the late 19th century by British physician Joseph Mortimer Granville as "Granville's Hammer," originally intended to treat "hysteria", or any condition thought to be linked with women's reproductive organs.

    These devices quickly became household appliances, although sexual uses weren't often discussed openly due to Victorian society.

    The Sexual Revolution and Beyond

    In the mid-20th century, we witnessed significant shifts with the birth of the Sexual Revolution, which challenged and changed longstanding norms about sexuality and health.

    This was also when sex toys first gained widespread public acceptance as legitimate tools of pleasure; commercialization of these products was enhanced further due to technological innovations and feminist theories encouraging personal and sexual empowerment.

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    Modern Sex Toys

    Over time, the sex toy industry has undergone immense change and expansion. Once considered a niche market, products meet virtually every preference and need.

    Modern-day sex toys are more effective yet more appealing and user-friendly, accommodating different lifestyles and comfort levels.

    Technological Advancements

    Modern sex toys have seen impressive advances, from Bluetooth connectivity and app control capabilities to adjustable body suits that can be managed from smartphones - making for an intimate, customizable experience that can be controlled remotely from a phone app.

    One such sex toy that has taken advantage of these innovations is the We-Vibe Sync; its adjustable design fits different body types while being controlled remotely, making it a popular option among long-distance couples seeking connection.

    Materials and Design Innovations

    Modern sex toys have made significant advances in terms of materials.

    Brands have increasingly moved away from potentially harmful phthalates in favour of medical-grade silicone, which provides safety and silky smooth textures to increase pleasure.

    Furthermore, designs of modern toys have evolved to accommodate ergonomic shapes which target pleasure points more precisely without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

    Lelo stands out for its attractive yet practical designs that also look good!

    Today's market is committed to diversity and inclusiveness by offering products that address different genders and sexualities.

    NJoy Purewand products have gained widespread praise for their ability to cater to both male and female bodies, proving that pleasure transcends boundaries and boundaries.

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    From ancient ritualistic uses to modern high-tech designs, sex toys have an impressively long and diverse history, which reflects changes in human sexuality.

    As we continue to develop socially and technologically, their role and design are likely to expand further - providing new ways of exploring pleasure and intimacy.


    Are the Diamond and Heart waterproof?

    Yes, both the Diamond and Heart vibrators from My Diamond Lover are fully waterproof for use in both bath and shower environments.

    What material are they composed of?

    Both products are constructed using medical-grade silicone to guarantee hypoallergenic, nonporous surfaces that are easy to keep clean.

    Can the Diamond and Heart Vibrators Be Used With Lubricant?

    Both vibrators can be used with water-based lubricants to enhance your experience, though silicone-based lubricants could potentially degrade their silicone materials over time.