My First Bi Encounter

    My First Bi Encounter

    "Hmm,tasty..."as she licked her fingers clean. Join Flora's inspiring journey as she embraces her first bisexual experience.


    In the bustling city, Abigail, a dedicated professional and a mother to three energetic kids, was constantly wrestling with the demands of work and family. The struggle to maintain a work-life balance left her feeling stretched thin and often inadequate.

    Meanwhile, I was grappling with my own set of challenges. My mother's health was rapidly declining, and the accumulating medical expenses were becoming a heavy burden. At a point where hope seemed faint, a twist of fate presented itself. Abigail, seeking relief from the turmoil of her daily life, decided to hire a live-in nanny for her children.

    With her kind and empathetic nature, Abigail offered me this role and the chance to stay in her spacious villa. This generous offer was a lifeline, promising to alleviate some of my financial pressures.

    Abigail, with her generous heart, offered me the opportunity to live in her spacious villa to ease my financial burden. Grateful for the chance, I moved in, ready to take on the responsibilities of caring for her children. Little did I know that my presence would shake the foundation of the seemingly perfect life Abigail had built.

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    Vincent,my boyfriend, often unwelcome yet persistently present, was a source of concern of me, especially as my mother vehemently disapproved of him. His addiction issues only added to the complexity of our relationship.

    But I am obssed him. Having my boyfriends over to the house during babysitting jobs became a regular occurrence. I was smart enough to be well prepared.I always wore just a short denim skirt with bare legs and a braless top,not only for easy access but also because it was quick to straighten out if I was in a pinch. I didn't want to fumble with a bra or any other complicated clothing. We also had sex on the living room carpet so that I could hear or see the car lights pulling up the driveway.

    Bad Day

    One day, my boyfriend and I were enjoying a particularly romantic time together. We had already shared intimate moments twice that night, but he seemed to be in the mood for more. Despite my gentle reminders about the late hour, his enthusiasm was unwavering. He had me aroused, and I deemed it quicker just to let him have his way than to try and sway him otherwise.

    So, of course, as he was ejaculating in me for the third time that evening, we saw the car headlights flash through the window as a car turned into the driveway.

    There was an ensuing mad scramble, but I did manage to sneak my boyfriend out the back door and straighten myself out. It was a very close call.
    One fateful day, the hectic pace of Abigail's life led to an oversight – she had left vital documents at home. Rushing back to retrieve them, little did she know that this moment would unveil a revelation. As she entered the house, she noticed a subtle movement, a fleeting shadow near the back door.

    In a swift turn of events, Vincent, sensing the imminent discovery, made a hasty exit. However, Abigail's keen perception caught a glimpse of him. The encounter was brief but enough for her to piece together the situation. My hair had that "just fucked"look too.Of course,she knew I was up to something.

    Overwhelmed Mind

    As I struggled to articulate my thoughts, Abigail observed me with an expression blending frustration and disappointment. She remained silent about her observations or suspicions, yet the atmosphere was heavy with a tacit recognition of the situation. Her voice, typically strong and commanding, took on a gentler, more thoughtful quality as she asked me to fetch the documents from upstairs.

    Climbing the staircase, my thoughts were a whirlwind of anxiety and guilt. The house, usually filled with the sounds of children's laughter and the constant hum of activity, seemed unusually silent, amplifying the heaviness in my heart. I found the documents on the dresser, just as Abigail had said, their importance starkly contrasting with the chaos of my current situation.
    Once I reached the bottom of the stairs, I presented the documents to Abigail. She looked at me, not with irritation, but with an expression that conveyed a resigned acceptance. It was evident she harbored some suspicions, yet at that moment, her priorities lay elsewhere. She asked me to collect the children from school, underlining the importance of maintaining a sense of regularity and stability in their daily lives.

    Driving to the school, the familiar streets seemed different, as if I was seeing them through a new lens. The children’s cheerful chatter as they climbed into the car was a balm to my unsettled mind, yet it also served as a reminder of the responsibility I had towards them.
    The drive back to Abigail's house was contemplative, filled with a mix of nervous anticipation and reflection on my recent choices and their potential impact. That night, the atmosphere at the house felt distinctly different, charged with a subtle but undeniable tension.

    My phone lit up with a message from Abigail, a simple request to join her in her room. Navigating through the hallways, my mind was a whirlwind of thoughts about what this invitation could mean.

    Wild Thoughts

    When I entered Abigail's room, I was immediately struck by its transformation. Abigail herself was relaxed in stylish pajamas, a refreshing change from her usual business attire. The room glowed with a soft, inviting light, creating a calm, peaceful atmosphere.

    Centered in the room was a table, where three elegant bottles of red wine were displayed. Their rich, inviting aroma subtly filled the space, adding a layer of sophistication and warmth. This setting was a departure from our typical professional interactions, hinting at a more personal and relaxed encounter.

    Feeling a mix of astonishment and intrigue, I couldn't bring myself to turn down her invitation. This encounter was clearly a departure from our usual employer-employee dynamic, and my curiosity was sparked. As we began to enjoy the wine together, its soothing effect gradually eased the initial awkwardness, fostering a unique sense of connection between us.

    Suddenly, Abigail broached the subject that had been hanging silently between us.

    "I'm not going to mention to your mother about you and Vincent, and you're not losing your job," she stated.

    Her voice was relaxed but underscored with a hint of gravity. Her declaration washed over me, bringing both a sense of relief and a whirlwind of questions.

    Why was she choosing to be so forgiving?

    Then, unexpectedly, Abigail leaned in and gently kissed me on the lips. It was a fleeting, soft moment, one that was as startling as it was delicate. Time seemed to pause right then, with the sensation of her lips meeting mine feeling like the only thing in existence.

    What the fuck? I certainly didn't see that coming.I pulled back in surprise,but after a momentary pause, she kissed me again. I didn't know what to do,as this was the last thing. I expected her to do, so I kissed her back.

    I was confused on many fronts.How in the world did she know about Vicent and me? Why is she kissing me? What the hell have I gotten myself into now? Where is this going?


    My young mind was still swirling...Did this make me a lesbian?

    Maybe I was just bi?

    This was all new to me, and to be honest, I had never questioned or even thought about my sexuality before that kiss.

    Things moved very fast as Kathy's hands began roaming and exploring my body. A hand slipped under my top and began caressing my breasts. I recall thinking how soft her hands were and how she tenderly stimulated my erect nipples.Not like the boys who pinched and tugged at my boobs.This actually felt nice.

    As we kissed, Abigail's hand began moving up my bare legs until she reached my cum-soaked panties.

    "Hmm,tasty..."as she licked her fingers clean. Her tongue ran up the entire length of the stain as she moaned in approval. She parted my knees,and her head fell down between my now-parting legs.Her lips lande right on my pussy lips,and she began licking and slurping away. Then she took out SweetHeart from the dresser cabinet, and she turned SweetHeart on to its strongest mode. She gently placed it on my clit.

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    The vibration from the humming was more than I could take,and I arched my back as a massive orgasm shot through my body.My eyes rolled into the back of my head,and I let out a deep moan. 

    "Oh wow...that was incredible!"

    Abigail leaned in, her voice a soft murmur just inches from my ear.

    "Flora, there's a certain charm about you now, reminiscent of a captivating piece of art," she whispered gently.

    "Come with me to the bathroom; it's time for a quick touch-up." Her words carried an air of subtle admiration, hinting at a deeper appreciation for my presence.

    Abigail took me to the bathroom and turned on the warm water. The water ran slowly over my body and Abigail's hands gently trailed over my back and down to my hips.

    Just as I was enjoying this gentle touch, Abigail put her arms around my neck, bringing our backsides closer together. She pressed SweetHeart against my clit and SweetHeart vibrated intensely against the water flow, orgasm after orgasm.

    Then she bent down again and licked my clit. I had another intense orgasm.

    My wet, bald, soft pussy was sliding all over my face. My wet, warm juices were giving me quite that facial. I smelled and tasted lovely.

    It was one of the most erotic experiences I had ever had.

    I developed a special relationship with Abigail as we were very similar in so many ways.She wasmy first female lover. I was now officially bisexual.